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  • The jacket is made of Ingenic cashmere high density fabric, soft, breathable, delicate skin-friendly

  • Selected high-quality feather velours, strong rebound, good pincushion

  • No formaldehyde, no fluorescent agent, no chemical residue, no odor, healthy environment

  • Invisible zipper design, easy to remove and wash, non-woven inner sleeve, beautiful, more profitable shape

  • The connecting belt design can freely adjust the width and width of the pillow body to meet different body needs during pregnancy

  • Color Name:Blue  |  Size :138*24*20cm

    Cotton fabrics: Selected high-quality British music fabrics, high support and high density technology, natural health, soft cotton cloth, sweat-absorbent breathable, feel comfortable, delicate skin help the left side sleeping position: pregnant women left lying and lying conducive to fetal growth The mother should adopt the left sleeping position when sleeping
    Can be used as a pillow: Multi-functional pregnant women's pillow provides warm and comfortable safety support for pregnant Mommy, effectively relieves shoulder fatigue
    Relaxing Pillow: Multi-functional pillow for pregnant women can not only bring high-quality sleep to pregnant Mommy, but also can be used for relaxing leisure time such as drinking tea and reading books.
    The baby learns to sit on the parapet pillow: The pillow can assist the baby to learn to sit and give the baby a comfortable and safe support. At the same time, it can be used as a baby guardrail pillow to prevent the baby from falling down.
    Functional features: humanized design, fit the abdomen, meet the needs of pregnant women with waist circumference enough for 1 to 9 months, neck care, shoulder protection, waist protection, leg protection, sleep aid, fatigue relief

    Pregnant Pillow Pregnant Woman H-Type Lifting Belly Pillow Multi-Function Waist Protection Side Sleeping Side Sleeping Sleep Aid Artifact Blue-138 * 24 * 20cm - B07C6VZDFC

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