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  • Cotton 100% Imabari Towel (Made in Japan)

  • Size:35x80cm

  • Color Name:Red&Blue

    Beautiful Kokura weaving is introduced to towel making by weaving the warp in high density produced by high technology of Imabari Towel, under the supervision of distinguished textile artist, Noriko Tsuiki. Please enjoy the collaboration of Kokura-weaving with the colorful and dimensional stripe patterns and the high quality Imabari Towel. Kokura-ori has a long history since the 17th century Edo period. and Imabari towel has long history of more than 100 years since Meiji period. SHIMA-SHIMA Bath Towel Kokura-ori(weaving) has the tradition since Edo period, and Imabari towel has the tradition since Meiji period, having the history of more than 100 years. Both share the characteristics of dyeing yarns at first to create patterns. SHIMA-SHIMA brand was created under the direction of a textile artist, Noriko Tsuiki, who specializes in fabric dyeing and weaving. It is woven by Imabari technology that weaves the warp in high density. The beautiful world of Kokura-ori is presented on the towel. Enjoy the combination of three-dimensional vertical striped Kokura-ori with textures of soft and luxurious Imabari towel. Kokura-ori shines throughout the history of time. Kokura-ori is the cotton fabric originally woven in Kita-Kyushu city, former Buzen-Kokura-feudal domain, characterized by its beautiful vertical stripes. The weaving once disappeared in time, but it was restored by Noriko Tsuiki, a textile artist about 30 years ago. Kokura-weaving is characterized by its weaving with the yarns which are made by twisting multiple high quality yarns. This is why the fabric is thick and strong, it was favored by Samurais for the use of their OBI (belt) during Edo Period. In the following years, the fabric was spread to lower class, to ordinary people, but during the war-torn period at the end of Edo period, the production of this fabric decreased and gradually it faded away. It was called a ""dream fabric"" and was not available until Tsuiki restored it.

    Iori Shima-Shima (Kokura-Ori) Face Towel imabari Towel Japan - Red&Blue - B00MN48OEA

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